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Food and Drink North East is a community of local business owners and experts who understand the challenges the sector faces and is working together to solve them.

We’re not a fish – we’re the pond. A network that connects, enables and encourages collaboration across the region. 

A movement of like-minded people who understand that when the tide comes in, all boats will rise.

For too long the North East’s food and drink sector has been overlooked. While other regions have flourished we’ve hidden in the shadows of our industrial past.

We believe this region offers something truly unique and that it’s worth shouting about.

From artisan craft producers and niche products to established names and entrepreneurial brands, the North East is witnessing an unprecedented upsurge in innovation. 

We believe the time is right to come together. To engage this vibrant community. To focus our efforts, share knowledge and get the word out. To grow from the grassroots up.

We believe we have all the ingredients to build a world-class, sustainable food and drink offer right here in the North East. One that can compete on a national and international level. One with a strong local identity and a flavour of its very own.


To grow the sector’s contribution to the regional economy to 10% GVA by 2025, build a global reputation as a food and drink destination with heritage, sustainability, innovation and community at its heart.


Food and Drink North East is a CIC that will build a vibrant and engaged community that champions positive trade, promotes a sustainable, circular economy and acts as a collective and inclusive voice for the region’s food and drink sector.