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Food, unlike anything else, connects us all. 

The North East has a rich but unexplored culinary history.  A region of raiders and traders, from Viking rule to the Roman Empire, Border Reivers to heavy industry. 

Our regional food culture is full of iconic produce and traditional recipes from Craster Kippers to Carlin Peas, Panackelty to Pease Pudding, Saveloys Dips to Stottie Cakes.   

These recipes and traditions need to be preserved, celebrated and explored mindful of provenance and regional identity.

FODA, a new culinary collective, aims to bring the concept of the Txoco to the North East. A gathering place for the like minded, curious and passionate epicureans proud of our diverse regional food culture.  An inclusive place to meet, drink, cook and debate.

Old English fōda (“food”) Danish føde (“food”)

Old English fōda (“food”) Danish føde (“food”)


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